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About OnSpot Fitness

OnSpot Fitness has a mission to change the way fitness is done! Being sick of all the mixed messages and daily confusion people face with fitness and nutrition, (Founder and Owner) Michael Walsh Partnered up with (Co-Founder) Angela Handra (now Angela Walsh) to not only start a fitness company, but a fitness movement that is going to change the way fitness is done!

“From the beginning, our goal has never been to create a traditional fitness company. We got out of training in big box gyms because we just did not fit the “personal trainer mold” and we knew there was a need for something different, and something greater than what was out there. We wanted to create a culture of our own, something beyond just helping our clients lift a few weights and lose a few pounds, we wanted to help create lasting change and bring excitement and joy to everyone we work with through health and wellness. We knew we were called to be more, the gym was not our life, but living a healthy balanced full life is.

Don’t get us wrong we love working out and we love fitness, but we believe life is more than being a gym rat, getting that next workout in, or preparing for the next competition. Life is meant to be lived to it’s fullest, and fitness and food are just a vehicle to help us achieve a healthier, happier, purpose filled and passion driven lives! Life happens outside the gym and so can your training!

To us practicing what we teach is at the front of what we do, We WON’T be found in some break room scarfing down a bag of chips and guzzling a 2-liter soda after teaching a client the importance of eating healthy. You won’t see us promoting chronic cardio or yelling at our clients as if we are a military bootcamp instructor. If we teach it, we practice it! We believe that building an overall healthy primal lifestyle is possible for all to do and we do our best at modeling it every day!

It is from this passion and the idea that OnSpot Fitness was born. Most of our personal workouts are performed at home or outside, so why would I just build another gym in another shopping center? I believe this is the way it was meant to be, so why not just do it?!

OnSpot now is looking to help 10,000 people across the nation through our personal training and online platform area get and stay healthy, why not come join us and live an active healthy, adventurous life?

Michael Walsh

All my life I was always active. I was the kid who would have been outside from sun up to sundown. Between competitive martial arts, mountain biking, roller hockey and later on working as a professional horse trainer, riding instructor, stuntman, actor and model there never was much time for sitting and being inactive. When I was in my mid 20’s I started working in ministry and became a father, which caused more time spent behind a desk, eating out and a more seditary lifestyle. Within a few years I had gained 50 pounds and felt slower and sicker than ever. It was through a personal journey that I discovered my passion for living an active life and was able to hack my way to better health. I spent thousands of hours formally and informally learning about nutrition, fitness, coaching and biohacking. And today I am proud to say I not only lost that 50 pounds, but have kept it off and am healthier than ever!

Angela Walsh

I started gymnastics when I was just 6 years old and stayed in it competitively for 13 years. Out of that grew my love and passion for fitness, but once I hit the middle of high school it all went down hill, I started struggling with weight gain, binge eating, starving myself and over-exercising. And that carried with me for years after. Once I graduated college, I was in the worst condition that I had ever been. My sleep was out of whack, my digestion was unbearable and my stress levels were through the roof! It seemed like nothing I would do would help… It started from a rash on my skin, to barely being able to digest anything, my hair falling out, chronic fatigue and more. I endured this critical condition for an entire year. To say the least, it was tough! However, looking back on it now I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Throughout that process I learned that living primal is one of the greatest gifts we can ever give ourselves. Getting healthy amounts of sleep, eating a wide variety diet of Healthy Fats, Grass-Fed Meats, Organic Fruits and Vegetables, and living an active life are the keys to lowering stress and giving yourself the most energy! Now my passion is to help others to become who they ultimately are meant to be through fitness and nutrition!

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