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It is so easy to get stuck in the same old routine!!! When it comes to fitness and working out, even the “gym rats” find themselves rinsing and repeating the same old stuff day in and day out. I would like to challenge you to not to turn into this!

Don’t be the Cross Fitter who says you can’t add pilates or yoga to your routine…

Don’t be the die hard Yogi that has a problem with doing some strength training a few times each week…

Don’t be the runner that never slows down to recover or build muscle…

If you love to run why not change it up and do a few sets of mixed intervals… running, pushups, pull-ups and squats… You say “but I can’t do a pull-up” ok start by using bands in a pull up motion and work your way up.

My point is this, variety is key to a healthy mind, body and life. Here is what a good week of fitness could look like!

Monday: Dumbbell/ Kettle Bell Weight Training
Tuesday: Interval Training and Core
Wednesday: Balance Training and Weights
Thursday: Cardio Jog (keeping a heart rate of 180 minus your age to keep you in an aerobic state)
Friday: Body Weight Strength Training (Outside or Inside)
Saturday: Yoga and Core
Sunday: Foam Rolling

Each session above is roughly 25-35 minutes of a good intensity followed by a great cool down. It would also be good to add in some Foam Rolling and stretching maybe about 10-20 minutes in the evening.

As you can see, you need to change it up and keep it fun! Keeping your body guessing at every turn will help you to be healthier and enjoy life and fitness so much more!

Now remember variety does not stop at fitness, it is also important to have variety in your diet too. You are not created to eat the same things day in and day out, even if you are eating healthy foods. Change it up for your digestion and your metabolism. Think about it this way we are created to eat in seasons and in times of feasting and times of famine. Making your fitness and food vary will help you to see many great benefits on your journey to long lasting health!

Let’s Take Action
Here are three big things you can do to add variety to your fitness?

1. Build a Schedule: Just like the little outline above, write down a simple plan that will work for you and get you started.

2. Try Something New: Okay so Yoga might not be your thing but why not give it a try anyway? You may hate the idea of running, to be honest I am not a big runner myself, but I sure love trail running. Find something NEW, something DIFFERENT and give it a chance!

3. Rest: There is nothing wrong with taking a day off! Get out and enjoy life and remember the reason you’re living for!

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