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Seeking the Best Certified Trainers

Join us in Raising the Fitness Bar in Cincinnati!


Who We Are Looking For!

Are You?

  • A Certified Trainer?
  • Commited to Staying Fit & Healthy?
  • A Driven Leader & Self Starter?
  • Confident in Promoting Yourself?
  • Hardworking, Honest and Positive?
  • Personal & Understanding?
  • Dedicated & Always Ready to Learn?

Do You?

  • Own a Reliable Car?
  • Own a Smart Phone?
  • Enjoy Helping Others?
  • Want to Revolutionize Fitness?
  • Have an Entrepreneurial Heart?
  • Have a Desire to Win/Do Your Best?

OnSpot Fitness is currently accepting applications in the following areas of Greater Cincinnati.

Mason, Loveland & Maineville Locations

Becoming an OnSpot Trainer!

If you love leading one on one personal training, then becoming an OnSpot Personal Trainer is a great way to have the benefits of operating your own fitness business, without the hassle and risk of starting it on your own. Don’t get us wrong, being an OnSpot Trainer is no easy task! It takes dedication and hard work, but it is rewarding and the benefits are great! Becoming an OnSpot Trainer will take some push and drive on your part and it is during our 3 Step Process that you will have a chance to show us what you got and to turn us into being coming your fan!



Step one is to show us your skills and tallents in writen & video form. Submit your resume and a short video showing us the real you!

Phone Interview

If we like what we see and you fit what we are looking for, then we will follow up with you with a phone interview.

In Person Audition

Wooing us on the phone will land you a chance to prove yourself in person. There are two parts to this process, the sit down and the live training.

If we are impressed by your performance  then we will extend
an offer for you to join the OnSpot Fitness Family!

Duties of An OnSpot Trainer!

As you can tell we take great pride in our company and our team! We are not looking for your “run of the mill” kind of trainers. We are looking for those who stand out, who believe in our mission, our process and our values. Like what you see and have what it takes? Then apply today!

Roles & Resposibility of Our Trainers

  • Nurture Leads & Set Up FREE Tranformation Sessions!
  • Fullfill Transformation Sessions Giving 100% 
  • Sell Fitness Challenges & Training Packages
  • Personally Train Clients With the OnSpot Fitness System!
  • Support Your Clients & Leads Giving Exception Care & Service
  • Keep Yor Business Orginized
  • Report To OnSpot HQ
  • Turn in All Requied Information About Clients
  • Stay Up Todate on All Your Certifications, Insurance and Background Checks. 


We are looking for trainers that are elite and take pride in themselves and their work. They must be honest, hard working and dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others.


Certifications and education is important, but does not stop there. We need a trainer who is always bettering themselves and their business. Someone who not only is a great teacher but a great learner.


We don’t hire drill sergeants or conceded meat heads. We want our team to be full of motivating, compasionate, personal, positive and easy to talk to trainers. Ones that not only work hard, but serve others.

The OnSpot Fitness Mission

OnSpot Fitness offers a convenient, effective and personal fitness program that comes to your home. Out #1 goal is to get you into your fat burning mode and help you build a lifestyle of fitness and wellness!

We transform bodies and change lives in just 30 minutes a day!


“Angela and I are building this company to make a difference… A difference in what? Our community, our city, the world of fitness and nutrition and the health and life of those around us. I want to hack the system and revamp it with something that not only works but lasts. It’s about a life long lifestyle not a onetime change and we believe that together we can be victorious against the dragons that bring us down! Join us and let’s do work that matters!”

– Michael Walsh, Cofounder & Owner of OnSpot Fitness

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